Tree City Homeschoolers

Member Policies


Tree City Homeschoolers sponsored events will be noted as such.  We do not endorse any non-Tree City Homeschoolers activities advertised in our communications.  This information is provided solely for the convenience of our homeschool community.  Please use your own judgement and discretion as to whether or not your family should participate in events, by-products, take classes, etc.




It is our desire to provide the group with interesting, informative, fun, and educational field trips.  As we venture out, it is also our desire that our families conduct themselves in a manner that would reflect well on the home school community and be honoring to God.  Please read the Field Trip Guidelines below and spend a little time going over the information with your children prior to each outing.


  • Please be resopnsible for the children you bring.  Help them behave so that all can enjoy the trip.
  • Please do not bring children outside of the age/grade range indicated (if applicable).  Some field trips will not be suitable for all.
  • Please do not bring people who are not signed up for the field trip.


Please dress appropriately, and use good common sense.  Some field trips may have dress code requirements so please read the event description prior.


  • Together:  Stay with your parent and group (if applicable).  Only touch what you have been told you may touch.
  • Respect:  Be respectful of your surroundings and of the people around you.
  • Interested:  Pay attention to your guide and listen well.  Think of thoughtful questions.
  • Polite:  Use your best manners and be sure to thank your guide.


When signing up for a Tree City Homeschoolers field trip, know that no refunds will be given should you have to cancel.  This is because most of our field trips require a minimum number of paid attendees to ensure a home school group discount.  We know sometimes unexpected things come up that cause you not to be able to attend a field trip and we recommend trying to find someone to take your place in that circumstance.




  • Unless specified, official group events are reserved for our paid members only.  Have a frield that wants to join?  Have them complete the application form under the New Member Registration tab on our website or email [email protected] with any questions.
  • Parents/guardians are expected to remain on the premise for all events.  Dropping off and leaving is not permitted.




  • Permission to use the name Tree City Homeschoolers for any subgroup (ie. Co-ops, play groups, etc.) must be requested in writing to [email protected]
  • Any activity published on Facebook or website bearing the name Tree City Homeschoolers must be exclusive to Tree City Homeschoolers members.




Classes that directly benefit our students may be advertised on our Facebook page.  We ask that you refrain from posting garage sales, classes for adults, multi-level media marketing, direct sales, or business advertisements (unless otherwise noted).